We Will Never Let You Down,翻訳第1回


"Elena Danaan's new book, We Will Never Let You Down,
casts much needed light on the diplomatic negotiations between
President Dwight Eisenhower and Valiant Thor-an ambassador of
the Galactic Federation of Worlds-from 1958 to 1961. Now we finally
have a fresh new perspective, directly from Valiant Thor himself, of
the unsuccessful negotiations that were conducted. We learn about his
warnings about negotiating with an alliance of alien predator races;
Eisenhower's betrayal by MJ-12 in signing secret agreements with this
exploitative alliance; and how the Galactic Federation has ever since
been mitigating the effects of these nefarious agreements through
numerous covert actions to raise human consciousness and spark a
planetary awakening. A must read for all wanting to prepare for the
momentous global changes that lie ahead!
Michael Salla, Ph.D.
June 6, 2021- Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

エレナ・ダナンの新刊『We Will Never Let You Down』。


2021年6月6日- ハワイ州カイルア・コナ市

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Thor Han Eredyon, from "Upstairs", without whom this book, journeys, encounters and adventures, would have never been possible. Words cannot express how thankful I am for having been rescued as a child by this wonderful man from the stars and his crew. These people looked after me all my life and still to this day. I want to particularly express my gratitude to Myrah, Celadion, Val Nek and my dear Annax, protective and profoundly loving Egaroth father from the Council of Five, for keeping an eye on me, and making me feel safe in the highest vibe of cosmic love. I want to acknowledge the kindness and cooperation of High Commander Ardaana, from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, her personal sacrifices to the cause, her trust in me and her loving support. I honor her courage and relentless determination to trust in humanity of Earth despite all odds. I was also privileged to know two amazing warriors: Ahel Commander Denethor, from the battle station of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, who was involved in the cooperation programs with the pentagon in the 1950's, and Taal soldier "galactic knight" Akvaruu whose heart is braver than the whole galaxy.
My most profound gratitude goes to Commander Val Thor, from Venus, for agreeing to meet me and for kindly and courteously answering all my questions. His words will stay engraved not only in my heart and soul, but also in the memory of these times. Gratitude also goes to his beautiful wife Jylian, and her marvelous hospitality.

この本、旅、出会い、冒険は、彼なくしては決して実現しなかったでしょう。"Upstairs "のトール・ハン・エレディオン氏に深く感謝します。幼い頃、この素晴らしい宇宙人とその乗組員たちに助けられたことは、言葉では言い表せないほど感謝している。この人たちは私の生涯を、そして今日まで見守ってくれた。


Homage also goes to the amazing ground crew, those wonderful people I met on this new journey as I was writing this second book. Laura Eisenhower, a most inspirational soul, was meant to cross my mission's path; I was unexpectedly put in contact with her, by the designs of higher beings. Val Thor looks after her with the love and the compassion of a second father, protecting her great-granddad's precious progeny.
I want to acknowledge also with a certain emotion, the support and encouragements of kind and wise friends who became mentors in this adventure. Alex Collier, the father I never had, you prepared the groundwork for the coming of the army from the stars. We are here now and we salute you, Commander, for your bravery and sacrifices. You had the harshest task. It is with honor that we are walking now in your footsteps. We are all very proud of you.
All my gratitude also goes to Dr. Michael Salla, brilliant exopolitic detective who always finds the missing pieces of a puzzle when it comes to extraterrestrial Intel. You trusted me and supported me, Michael, and this means a lot to me. Mahalo!
My special thoughts and blessings go to my dear friend Stephen Chua, super-soldier who worked in Area 51 and sacrificed his own life for the Disclosure, granting me the honorable privilege of helping him release his life-long burden. Stephen continues his fight now, a thousand times more powerful, and on enemy ground. Go get' em, Stevie!
And to all those of the ground crew who were part of this adventure! Vince Boccanfuso for having drawn my attention on Val Thor, Lukas Oulehla for your inspired questions to ask "upstairs" and your resilience in the quest for Truth. Megan Rose for your testimony of rescue mission by Thor Han's crew, my wonderful friend Dani Henderson for your loving support, Elisa Hererra for everything you did for me with the greatest compassion.


Admiration and gratitude for the super fighters I met on the road, you legends; Tony Rodrigues for your friendship and exchange of correlative information, Niara Terela Isley and Mark Domizio for showing me what the real victory upon darkness is all about and finally, and not the least, to Frank Bianchi from Mc Murdo station in Antarctica, for your bravery and formidable Intel. Keep on shinning your light, all of you, for you are beacons for Humanity.
And Ned . . . my beloved black cat, who took with him a piece of my heart to the other side of the rainbow bridge, as I was in the process of writing this book. My dear Ned, deeply cherished companion, you taught me a beautiful thing as a gift of departure:
Love is the missing link.


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