We Will Never Let You Down,翻訳第2回


Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United states of America, and his great grand-daughter Laura.


FOREWORD by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Just feeling into the name of the title of the book, has stirred some deep emotion, as here on Earth sometimes we ask the question, are there benevolent ET's assisting us? I have always felt this was the case, as some of the experiences I had as a child, revealed to me their presence and information in the form of images and telepathy, about timelines and the stellar activation cycle taking place around the prophesized 2012 window period.
They were helping to prepare me for what was to come. Eisenhower appeared to me often, assisting me over the years to uncover information and secrets, that they want humans to never know about. They are attempting to rewrite history and this book, is helping to rescue what might have been buried and forgotten. A book like this, can help us to align with Truth, inviting us to explore a much vaster picture than the one we face on a day to day level.
We need to step up though and help ourselves with the inspiration that some of the tasks that seem impossible, like rescuing children from underground bases, is in fact taking place. There are light forces working with Military to achieve what so many of us pray for and advocate for, by drawing awareness to the fact that these things are happening.
There is a much larger galactic War and the targeting of Earth humans, to not reach our full potential, is not something we are left to try and handle all on our own. Our galactic star families are with us and are affected as well. We all have a profound connection to the Multi-dimensional nature of reality. When we begin to switch on dormant strands of DNA and perceive higher harmonic Universes, we will begin to remember our greatness and divine potential. We have to first start with connecting with it on a consciousness level though.



What they can't do for us though, is believe they are real and deprogram, but if we do call upon assistance, that is where a link and connection begins to form and the creative flow of our lives can help us to begin to find answers and ways to heal and transform and overcome these assaults. For some, they might experience direct contact. Whether that takes place in your life or not, it eventually will. This is where we are heading, into our galactic consciousness and living on an Earth that has a direct connection with our Star families, without the veils and Net that has kept us in an illusion of separation.
Elena having such visceral encounters with Thor Han and others who helped rescue her from the hostile Gray abductions she experienced, she was able to, through the assistance of Thor Han, who has stayed with her as a guide, meet Val Thor in person. She asked him questions that helped confirm so much of what I knew deep down, that Eisenhower didn't sell us out to the Grays and this was indeed done behind his back.
I started looking into Val Thor and the whole story years ago, as my path led me to meeting many who had a strong connection with Frank Stranges, who wrote the book, "Stranger at the Pentagon". Many synchronicities took place and I got more connected through a person named Craig Campobasso, who produced a movie and had contact experiences with Val and the crew of Victor One. His short film was called, "Stranger at the Pentagon", just like the book. I spent time at his house, looking through fascinating pictures and hearing incredible stories and the familiarity and connection to these beings from Venus, lit up my heart and Soul in the most activating of ways.
A woman one time approached me at a conference, her name Leslie Vanderham. Her father was very involved in things that took place during this time of history. She was told about me and to come find me at a conference. The incredible part is, is that it was her spirit guides who told her. She explained to me that Val Thor and Dwight Eisenhower were her guides since childhood and she knew much about their relationship and connection and we became great friends.


Learning about how Val Thor tried to help Eisenhower and the friendship they formed, really hit home to me. There is so much that happened during thi s time, as far as how much they attempted to tum things around in a positive way for the human race. The hostile take over of these malevolent beings that Elena goes into detail about in her book, he was not able to stop, because the Deep State and their dark agendas, were able to make decisions on behalf of the human race, that the President did not have control or authority over. Laws were signed in 1947.
After the Roswell crash in 1947 and with the help of Truman signing new secrecy and security laws, a secret cabal (who called themselves MJ-12 or Majestic 12) took over the UFO and ET issue, and took it underground. It went black.
MAJ12 had made it a secret law above the President in 1947, that the entire subject and knowledge of UFO's and their Occupants was to remain the Highest Guarded Secret only above Atomic Weapons.
The Nazi's were successful in taking over the Military Industrial Complex and much of the Government in the United States and Europe. The crushing reality that Eisenhower was up against, troubled him greatly, knowing he was in the dark and the attempts at bringing about Disclosure were constantly thwarted. His advisors and those he thought were on his side and the side of humanity, were connected to the very system of dark control, he tried to defeat in World War 2. Only to begin to discover that they had infiltrated their way into the USA, leading us down a road that would eventually seek to strip us of our freedoms and capacity to reach our human potential.
Val attempted to warn him about the coming dangers, which I firmly believe influenced his farewell speech, to bring us the grave warning about the Military Industrial Complex and the implications.
"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.


We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
Things were getting very obvious before his meeting with Val Thor. Realizing he was denied access to information about Secret Space programs and how these technologies were being used. He was furious.
According to the Freedom Articles that have gathered much Intel. Things were out of control and Eisenhower wanted to find out who these black military groups were and what they were doing. When Eisenhower contacted them, MJ-12 replied that they were outside the jurisdiction of the White House and that their material was classified on a "need-to-know" basis — which went above the Presidency. This apparently infuriated Eisenhower, who sent 2 CIA agents (including Anonymous who was interviewed on this subject and revealed most of this on his death bed) to tell the head of MJ-12 to report to him within a week — else he would take the 1st army from Colorado and invade Area 51 and S4! Eisenhower actually threatened to invade Area 51 if these rogue military operatives would not surrender control of the UFO and ET issue.
Dwight Eisenhowers farewell speech clearly spells out how important it is for us to wake up. The War must be won within, as this is a War on Consciousness. In all my research and meeting so many who have survived the torture and abuses at the hands of the Deep State, with Project Paperclip and Mockingbird and so many mind-control projects, it is a War on our minds. The tactics of using mind-control and indoctrinating social engineering strategies to dupe the masses, many of us have been watching, as we have been discarded and censored, with labels like conspiracy theorists and anything to discredit this most crucial and important information coming forward.


Meeting Elena was life-changing for me. I don't always read comments or respond, but hers jumped out at me, as there was a frequency to it and it just jumped out of my computer screen. I had never heard of her before and she mentioned a few things that absolutely alerted me, that I must reach out to her. She mentioned her contact experiences and the name Val Thor and Eisenhower, but kept it short and to the point, but so much more came to me, in just reading a few words and that we should get in touch.
I reached out to Elena and did an interview with her. I felt such an incredible sincerity, truth frequency and pure heart and Soul of profound divine love and wisdom. I was stunned when she got to the part of explaining some of the things I new deep down were true. As we have gotten to know each other more, I was even more stunned to discover that she had a conversation with Val Thor about me. The love and protection and recognition of my path and mission to bring about truth and awakening, involved needing to be exposed to the wicked darkness, so I could help humanity overcome it.
Hearing what he told her, has been a tremendous validation to this challenge me and so many others have taken on. It also wasn't something I could doubt. These accounts Elena shares, her story and many others, is a greater reality we must embrace, to dismantle the artificial. Of course with discernment. Ultimately this is guiding one closer to the self, intuition and spiritual freedom. The presence of these incredible benevolent beings of Christ light and love, they are here, they will never let us down.
May we not let ourselves down and turn the other way and look to ones who do not wish us to thrive and be Sovereign. May we all come together with integrity, compassion, humility and mutual respect and with great empowerment, may we all meet around the great cosmic campfire with joy in our hearts, as we will witness in ourselves and each other -- the trauma and weariness we might be carrying around here at times on Earth, becomes the Diamond Heart that has braved the harshness and darkest of realms, but claimed victory because of Truth and Love. We are Spirit Warriors and nothing can stop us.


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